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God has called us to be men—and to act like men. To have mental toughness and emotional strength. To say what we mean and mean what we say. To recognize the importance of honesty and honor. To lead our homes and love and discipline our children. To love justice but show mercy. To fear God and show reverence for that which is sacred. 


But in today’s culture, it’s not easy.


In Becoming Man, pastor and author IV Marsh walks men through the four essential roles Jesus lived and modeled—the four roles that are critical for men to lead themselves, their homes, companies and communities today. He walks men through developing the Prophet, Priest, King, and Warrior within.

“...When we as men discover our purpose, our homes and cities are changed as a direct result. Every man will be encouraged, challenged and equipped by IV’s insight within each chapter of this powerful book.”

       -Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr., Lead Pastor of Vous Church 



“...IV offers readers Biblical insights that will both encourage and challenge you to be a better teammate, husband, father, and man.”

         -Gus Malzahn, Auburn University Head Football Coach



“There are men who write books about men, and then there are MEN who are the men books are written about. IV Marsh is the latter. He is a living epistle of what his book ‘Becoming Man’ is about...                                                             

 -Pastor Keith Craft, Lead Pastor of Elevate Life Church

IV Marsh Becoming Man
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